UEFA Europa League Tickets

As one of the premier club football competitions in the world, UEFA Europa League tickets are always in high demand. Demand for tickets for the final knockout stages of the tournament is so high that a ballot system is used to determine which lucky fans will be able to attend these matches.

Qualifying Stages & Early Knockout Stages

UEFA Europa League tickets for the earliest stages of the competition are freely available. The clubs contesting these early rounds of competition will typically make tickets directly available to their fans.

Group Stages

The business end of the UEFA Europa League begins in the group stages when the 40 surviving teams battle to see which teams will make it through to the final rounds of competition. Competition for tickets during this period can also be intense as the top clubs in Europe square off. Tickets for the group stages are sold by the participating clubs.

Final Rounds

UEFA Europa League tickets for the round of 16, quarterfinals and semi-finals become available as the contestants of each new round of competition are decided. The majority of tickets are distributed by the clubs themselves, and purchasing of away tickets is subject to an application process.

UEFA Europa League Tickets – The Final

Tickets for the UEFA Europa League final are available only through UEFA. In order to acquire UEFA Europa League final tickets you will need to apply for a ticket online which will then be entered into a ballot. Should your application be drawn from the ballot, you will receive a non-exchangeable ticket for the final. You are allowed to apply for a maximum of two tickets.

UEFA Europa League Tickets Purchasing Tips

Sign up to a ticketing alert service at your favourite club’s website and you will be informed as soon as UEFA Europa League fixtures are confirmed and tickets are made available.
Consider buying season tickets for your club. Season ticket holders receive entry to all club matches played at the home ground, making this one of the cheapest and easiest ways to attend the games of your favourite UEFA club.
Visit an official ticket exchange website. Several European clubs endorse ticket exchange websites that allow fans to purchase tickets to UEFA Europa League matches from season ticket holders at affordable rates. An excellent option when the official club allotment of tickets is sold out.